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Merciful Narasimhadev

To show gratitude to our donors, we, the Congregational Development Ministry, make a monthly offering to Lord Narasimhadev in your family’s name!

If you’d like to part of this offering, please visit our website:

In 2004, Kavipriya devi dasi of South Kolkata made some bracelets to be offered to Lord Narasimha Dev in Mayapur. Due to poor health, she was not able to come to Mayapur to offer them personally to the Lord.  Her health issues became her focus and finally, she was told that due to her condition, she would eventually be unable to move.

She was in great anxiety. It was then that she remembered about Lord Narasimha Dev and the bracelets she was supposed to offer to Him. Despite being ill, she endeavored to come to Mayapur and offer Him the bracelets. After offering them to Lord Narasimhadev, the symptoms of her illness miraculously vanished in just three days. She is convinced that it was Narasimha Dev that cured her of the condition even doctors gave up on.

All glories to Lord Narasimhadev!

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