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Miraculous Pastimes of Nrsimhadev in Mayapur

Dr. Bashudev Das is a Bangladesh Government doctor. His 20 year old daughter Mistee Das
who is a medical student, became very sick in March 2006. She was diagnosed with a life-
threatening germ cell tumor in the ovary. They brought her to Mumbai, where treatment
started. But soon the doctors gave up on her. Dr. Das went to visit the ISKCON Temple in
Juhu, where one devotee gave him a leaflet about the upcoming Nrsimha Caturdasi festival
in Mayapur, which he attended. There he received a small book of pastimes of Lord
Nrsimhadev in Mayapur.
He read in the book some of the miraculous cures that Lord Nrsimhadev had performed, and
was convinced that by Lord Nrsimhadev’s mercy his daughter would be cured. He went back
to Bangladesh and contacted Lord Nrsimhadev’s pujari in Mayapur. He requested him to
offer a special offering to Lord Nrsimhadev to save his daughter’s life. Immediately Mistee’s
health started to improve. Now gradually she is returning back to her normal state.
Basudev Das became so inspired by Lord Nrsimhadev’s mercy that he printed the book of
His pastimes and distributed it in Bangladesh. He says, “I feel every person should pray to
Lord Nrsimhadev for personal and spiritual development.”
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Nrisimhadev done on your family name!
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