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Please Help Me! Lord Nrisimhadeva

To show gratitude to our donors, we, the Congregational Development Ministry, make a monthly offering to Lord Narasimhadev in your family’s name!

If you’d like to part of this offering, please visit our website:

Here’s a story describing the immeasurable mercy of Lord Narasimha Dev.

On the 10th of December, 2006, while taking the bhakti shastri course in Mayapur, Deepak Gupta from Delhi, suddenly contracted chickenpox. Hoping against hope he consulted three doctors–allopathy, homeopathy, and ayurvedic. All three confirmed the same thing: “Take complete rest in isolation for at least twenty days.” Deepak became really upset because his parents had let him come to Mayapur only after his repeated requests over a long period of time. Now he would have to miss the courses as well as the association of sannyasis and other senior teachers.

After suffering intensely for three days, Deepak just couldn’t tolerate it anymore so he made his way to the temple. He arrived just after Sandhya aroti (evening worship). As he stood before Lord Nrsimhadev, he said, “Dear Lord just look at my pitiable condition (his whole body aching and covered with sores). Please help me.” Then he joined the queue for the Deity’s mahaprasadam (sanctified remnants). The startled pujari, seeing his condition, gave him some prasadam and called for the security guard, who escorted him out from the temple and told him not to come back with such a contagious disease.

Deepak returned to his room depressed at the thought of having to suffer like this for another seventeen days or so. At 2 a.m. the next morning, Deepak awoke to feel very energetic. He got up to take a shower, and to his delight and surprise, he saw that the sores on his body had gone. All the marks had just disappeared. He attended the whole morning program without feeling any trace of fatigue. Deepak says, “I am really thankful to Lord Nrsimhadev for what He did for me in the holy Dham. He saved my life. I could not tell you the pain I was getting and He cured me in just one day.”

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