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We Need You!

ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry (CDM)
What We Do

Produce, translate and circulate books and informative material supporting congregational development

1. Identify areas of need for producing written guidelines
2. Discuss target audience, direction, and scope of the publication
3. Assign the task of gathering and/or writing material to be used.
Complete all areas of production; design, layout, edition, proofreading, and printing.
*Quarterly CDM journals

Some of Our Books
· Sri Godruma Kalpatavi English Edition
· The Book of Icebreakers – 2nd Edition
· Gita for Everyone – Booklet 1: Verses and Questionnaire
· Super Sunday
· The Nectar of Congregational Preaching
· A Vaishnava in Every Neighborhood
· The Real Business
· Becoming Your Devotee

For more information on the contents of this book and other activities of the Congregational Development Ministry, please contact:

Email: cdmofficeiskcon@gmail.com
Website: www.iskconcongregation.com
Facebook: iskcon congregation
WhatsApp: +91 8101 880 342


As you can see, in order for the Ministry to expand, and to make Srila Prabhupäda’s vision for the future of ISKCON possible, we need more devotee staff, resources, and money. As members, if ISKCON, we play a vital role in making this possible, so we strongly encourage you to connect with us by helping this mission of Congregational Preaching.

Become a subscriber today, Click the link to subscribe: https://iskconcongregation.com/cdm-subscriptions/

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