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What about Age Difference?

In looking for the life-partner many people give particular attention to the age difference between the man and the woman. Srila Prabhupada often spoke about the subject and, as a general guideline, he recommended that the man be older, “the boy should be at least five years older than the girl.” (Letter to Hamsaduta, 18 …

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Finding Your Spouse Online?

Experiences with searching partners online tend to be mixed. Some devotees establish connections that end in marriage; in other cases the online searching end with disappointment and frustration. Some young ladies, for instance, stopped listing their names on devotional matrimonial sites after becoming disgusted by the inappropriate responses of some of the men listed. It’s …

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Illicit Sex

The definition of illicit sex is simple: “Illicit sex means . . . not for producing children but for enjoyment.” (Discussions with Hayagrivadasa, Thomas Aquinas) Sex, even within marriage, without the intention to produce a pregnancy is “illicit sex.” Why? The sexual organs are not toys and their only proper function is procreation. Any other …

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Less Intelligent than Who?

We have briefly analyzed one physiological angle of the question on how women, as a category, might be considered “less intelligent,” not in terms of IQ and brain power but because of the tendency to mix emotions with rationality more than the men. However, Srila Prabhupada’s statements on this subject of intelligence don’t simply deal …

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