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The Wonderful Pastimes of Lord Nrsimhadev in Mayapur

A Pot of Prasadam

After the ceremonies on Nrsimha Caturdasi ( His Appearance Day), usually there is a feast sponsored by His Holiness Jayapataka Swami. One year, however, he left Mayapur right after the ceremonies for a preaching engagement. One devotee sat with his wife and child outside the temple on one of the benches near the entrance. He asked, “If Jayapataka Swami is gone, where will we get prasadam?”

Within a few moments of his saying that, a lady devotee came out of the temple with a clay pot and asked, “Would you like some prasadam?” “Oh yes!” the devotee exclaimed as he received the pot. It was a delicious vegetable preparation with slices of mango in it. (Lord Nrsimhadev is fond of mango.) The family shared the prasadam, laughing and smiling about the reciprocal mercy of Lord . Later Jananivas Prabhu said the pujaris don’t offer mango in vegetable preparations. Mango might have been mixed in, as they often mix the preparations from the Deity trays just before distributing them.

Recently the same family bought a crystal necklace with a large crystal pendant to offer to Lord Nrsimhadev, hoping He would wear it around His neck with the pendant on His chest. They were happy to offer it but never saw Him wear it. One day, the wife prayed to the Lord, “Please tell me what I can offer that you would be pleased to wear.” The next morning when she came to see Lord Nrsimhadev, He was wearing the crystal necklace she had offered.

One morning, this devotee was praying to the Lord, “What service could I do to please You?” Just a moment later, her husband, who had purchased some fragrant flowers at the entrance of the temple, approached her from behind and put the flowers in her hand for to offer to the Lord.

Another day she prayed to Lord Nrsimhadev, “What more can I do to serve You?” She was just leaving the temple after that when a devotee said, “Excuse me. Would you like to offer some lotus flowers to the Lord? We have so many lotus flowers.” She was a bit bewildered because she was praying to do some service and suddenly a devotee informed her that there were too many lotus flowers. She gave a donation and offered a large plate of lotus.

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